Julie Albury

Andrew Coward, CEO, Lumina Networks
5G Digital Transformation: Closer to the Start of the Journey than the Finish
It’s been five years since I collected with industry thought leaders in Reykjavik, in the...
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vBNG in 280 words
Virtual Broadband Network Gateways (vBNGs) Explained in Fewer than 280 Words
Connecting to the internet is a vital and daily activity for most people worldwide, as...
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NoviFlow Webinar
Multi-Access Edge Computing with Network Programmability
Webinar: March 3, 2020 5pm CET/11am EST/8am PST Presented by: Sven Freudenfeld - CTO Telecom...
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Press Release - Intel and netElastic smash 300 gBPS
netElastic Achieves 300 Gbps Throughput with Virtual BNG
Demonstration is a major milestone in vBNG Performance MBUZZ Partner, netElastic Systems, an innovative software company...
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NoviFlow - CyberMapper Cybersecurity Press Release
NoviFlow’s CyberMapper Security Load Balancer 3.3 Adds vOps Guided Load Balancing Setup and Switch Status Visualization
New Visual Operations feature of NoviFlow’s CyberMapper makes setup of load balancing of service and...
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netElastic - Intel Network Builders Winners Circle Awards
netElastic Wins Highest Honor in Intel® Network Builders Program
MBUZZ Partner, netElastic Systems, has been recognized for its Virtual BNG as a Leaders Board...
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