Data centers have always been demanding, dynamic environments. But the step change we’re experiencing with connected devices, on-line media and services, cloud computing, virtualization and always-on technology means that for data centers to survive and grow, they must transform their networks.

  • Current networking architecture and infrastructure is inflexible, making it difficult for providers to easily add new services and features.
  • Hyperconvergence and Hyperscale computing deliver simplification and savings - but at the cost of significantly increased network complexity.
  • Vertically integrated network architectures built from interconnected black-boxes simply cannot keep up with the pace of change, and costs are rising way faster than the revenues. Quick fixes have resulted in disappointing performance, unexpectedly high costs and very limited capacity to scale.
  • Disruptive technologies are now emerging that drive how cloud and data center networks such as Cloud Edge Fabric (CEF) and Software Defined Fabric (SDF) are built, managed and operated.

Innovative Open Networking solutions are already enabling change and driving network transformation.

MBUZZ Europe is a single point of contact for your Open Networking solutions. Our partnerships with the best-in-class vendors from around the globe, will help you maximize Return on Investment (ROI), simplify and safeguard your infrastructure, whilst minimising time to success.