5G mobile networks will not only be faster and support more devices but they will connect autonomous devices – such as cars, smart devices and other appliances. These connections will need to move seamlessly between Wi-Fi, mobile and satellite technologies. The complexity and security of this step change in capability and delivery poses some hefty challenges for research teams working on next generation 5G networks.

Education and Research teams are already starting to embrace the rapid development of innovative Open Networking solutions and technologies designed to enable and protect the transformation of research networks. But this requires a whole new mindset for both research teams and the network infrastructure architects. The scale and complexity of research projects will flounder without network transformation.

Privately owned research facilities too are looking to innovative technologies like SDN and NFV to transform their network infrastructure. They must if they are to offer the adaptability and flexibility which is demanded by 5G and our “always connected” lifestyle.

Innovative Open Networking solutions are already enabling change and driving network transformation.

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