Kaloom™ – founded in 2014 and with offices in Montreal and Silicon Valley – has the industry’s first programmable and automated data center fabric, designed for scale with the emergence of 5G, IoT, Big Data and AI.

MBUZZ Europe has been Kaloom’s exclusive partner in Europe since October 2018.

Kaloom™ is comprised of a group of technology veterans with proven track records of delivering large- scale networking, analytics and AI-based solutions for the world’s largest networks. Having come from leading companies including Ericsson, Xelerated, Cisco, Redback Networks, 3Com, Nortel and Apple, we have come together to build a critically-needed solution to address the emerging challenges in data center networking.

At Kaloom, we see a “perfect storm” forming in the data center networking industry. To meet these headwinds we are developing a new solution that promises to deliver the highest performance, lowest-cost and greenest network possible. By leveraging networking white boxes from Accton and Delta to drive down costs, our mission is to become the leader in fully automated data center networking software suitable for the data center operator, telco, enterprise, cloud, and gaming industries.

Technical Foundation of Software Defined Fabric™

Software Defined Fabric™ is an industrialized software solution for networking white boxes. It is designed for hyperscale, as well as, distributed data centers and targeted to clients in the data center operator, telco, enterprise, cloud, and gaming industries. As a programmable data center fabric, the solution offers integrated routing and switching and enables developers to develop new code to drive innovation and clients to add new services and features in-house. In addition, its programmability avoids vendor lock-in and eliminates the need to wait for silicon upgrades.

The flexible fabric architecture presents an adaptable, high-performance, low latency multi- datacenter fabric, specifically designed to satisfy the current and future challenges of increasing network workload demands at scale. Software Defined Fabric™ can run several virtual data-centers with different network services, thus fulfilling the vision of a truly customizable Software Defined Network (SDN) environment.

Software Defined Fabric™ features advanced self-forming and self-discovery capabilities, zero touch provisioning (ZTP) of the virtual networking and virtual components, and automated software upgrades, thus minimizing human intervention and errors while saving time and effort. Network provisioning time is reduced from several days to minutes and is automatically updated during runtime.

Software Defined Fabric™ has been designed to virtualize the data center. A physical data center can be partitioned into multiple independent and fully isolated virtual data centers (vDCs). Each vDC operates with its own Virtual Fabric (vFabric), which can host millions of IPv4 or IPv6 based tenant networks. Additional compute and storage resources can be dynamically assigned or removed from a vDC through the associated vFabric, thus creating a flexible and elastic pool of network resources suitable for network slicing.

The need for expensive physical appliances is eliminated, and new emerging requirements can be met by leveraging low cost networking white boxes.

Software Defined Fabric™
Kaloom product
Performance Enhancement
  • 2x increase in per-server throughput
  • 7x reduction in latency between VMs in the same rack
  • 5 - 10x improving overall networking efficiency
  • Fully Programmable
  • Full Automated
  • Fabric Slicing (vFabric)
  • vSwitch Offload
  • Networking White Box Support
  • Integrated vRouter