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Kaloom Company Overview
Kaloom Company Brochure

Background information, Mission Statement, details of the Management and Board of Directors at Kaloom, and Kaloom’s Partners.

Data Sheet

Kaloom Software Defined Fabric Data Sheet
Kaloom™ Software Defined Fabric™ Data Sheet

A programmable data center fabric capable of running several virtual data-centers with different network services at scale, thus fulfilling the vision of a true customizable Software Defined Networking (SDN) environment.

Product Brief

Kaloom Software Defined Fabric Data Sheet
Kaloom™ Software Defined Fabric™ Product Brief

An overview of the Software Defined Fabric™ including feature highlights, high-level benefits and hardware guidelines.

Product Brief

Kaloom Cloud Edge Fabric
Kaloom™ Cloud Edge Fabric™ Product Brief

The first fully automated data center networking fabric solution specifically designed to provide native support for networking slicing along with embedded 5G User Plane Function (UPF) at the data center edge for simultaneous 4G and 5G applications.

Product Brief

Product Brief - Kaloom FlowEye
Kaloom™ flowEye™ Product Brief

flowEye™ is an In-band Network Telemetry and Analytics solution integrated into our Software Defined Fabric™ and Cloud Edge Fabric™ products.

Product Brief

Kaloom 5G User Plane Function Product Brief
Kaloom™ 5G User Plane Function Product Brief

Designed with the most mission critical workloads in mind for 5G, Kaloom UPF offers the most scalable, lowest latency, and highest performance UPF solution in the industry.

Product Brief

Product Brief - Kaloom Virtual Gateway v1.0
Kaloom™ Virtual Gateway Product Brief

Kaloom’s Virtual Gateway (vGW) is a key offering among the integrated and virtual network functions provided by our Software Defined Fabric™.

Product Brief

Product Brief - Kaloom Virtual Router v1.2
Kaloom™ Virtual Router Product Brief

Kaloom’s Virtual Router (vRouter) is an embedded high performance vRouter within the Software Defined Fabric™ data center network solution.

Solution Brief

Solution Brief - Kaloom Virtual Switch v1.2
Kaloom™ Virtual Switch Solution Brief

An overview of the Kaloom™ Virtual Switch and the role it plays within the Kaloom data center networking solutions.

Solution Brief

Solution Brief - Kaloom and Redhat
Kaloom and Red Hat Solution Brief

Kaloom and Redhat Virtual Centralized Office – a fully automated virtualized central office networking solution with Red Hat’s network functions virtualization infrastructure.

Cloud Edge Fabric™ with Hyperscale 5G UPF

Introducing the Cloud Edge Fabric™, an optimized solution for edge data centers running 4G and 5G applications. Providing an embedded Hyperscale 5G UPF capable of sustaining terabits of data, traffic throughput with extremely low latency.

Kaloom Fabric Manager

Kaloom Software Defined Fabric™ is the world’s first fully-programmable, automated, software-based data center fabric capable of running virtual network functions (VNFs) efficiently and at scale.’s based Network Topology Visualisation Component WEB UI enables Kaloom Software Defined Fabric™ to topology visualize any scale topology and provide management features.

Kaloom Software Defined Fabric™, Barefoot Tofino & Barefoot P4 Studio

Kaloom is leveraging Barefoot Tofino and Barefoot P4 Studio to build a converged network solution with all the network functions in the fabric including switching, routing, load balancing, firewalling and 5G.

Data Center Networking Solutions from Kaloom

Tom Eklund, VP Marketing and Strategy at Kaloom, giving an overview of Kaloom’s award-winning and innovative data center networking solutions at MWC Shanghai 2019.

OCPSummit19 – EW: Networking: Software Software Defined Fabric for OCP-based Leaf & Spine Switches

Exploring the benefits of OCP-compliant open source software for networking switch gear leveraging ONIE, and highlight collaboration opportunities with other network focused software projects including OpenStack, OpenShift, Kubernetes and Linux.

Presented by Thomas Eklund, Kaloom.

Emerging Use of Containers and OpenShift in Telcos, June 28 2019

OpenShift Commons Telco SIG Briefing with:
Suresh Krishnan from Kaloom
Richard Gee from Red Hat

Keynote: E2E 5G Cloud Native Network

Heather Kirksey, Azhar Sayeed & Fu Qiao delivering keynote address and 5G live demo during KubeCon 2019 in San Diego.

Kaloom is part of a team made up of volunteers from several project communities, companies, and network operators that have taken a cloud native approach to developing an E2E 5G network demonstration built on open source infrastructure.

Kubernetes Integration with Kaloom Software Defined Fabric™

An overview of some key functionality supported by the Kaloom Software Defined Fabric and its integration with Kubernetes, the open source container-orchestration system used to automate the deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications, and will concentrate specifically on how Kubernetes is used under the hood of Kaloom’s own SDF.

OpenStack Integration with Kaloom Software Defined Fabric™

OpenStack is integrated using a ML2 on top of the Kaloom SDF to offer a multi tenancy and multi VNF solution. The solution can be managed via the OpenStack CLI or Kaloom SDF UI/UX.