A spinoff from Brocade in 2017, Lumina Networks’ open source networking solutions simplify and automate heterogeneous networks. By combining engineering excellence, open source leadership and agile development methodology, Lumina Networks empowers Service Providers to reimagine their future without the risk of vendor lock-in. By unifying network architectures and enabling intent-based network functionality, Lumina Networks provides a more customer-centric approach to building and delivering on-demand, customizable services.

Lumina Networks and MBUZZ partnered in early 2019 to bring open networking to Europe. MBUZZ will expand on Lumina’s success in the North American and Asia Pacific regions by collecting multiple open networking technologies into turnkey solutions.

“At Lumina, we believe the future is open software networks that give providers control over how they implement their ideas and priorities for change. We believe our job is to be the catalyst to bring open software networking out of the lab and into their live network. We started Lumina Networks to ensure that providers can use open source in critical use cases, not just experimental ones. Yet, delivering technology by itself is not enough. Our customers are learning and doing with us, so they acquire the skills, tools and practices needed to develop and manage the platforms we jointly deploy.”

Challenges in Open Software Networks

Transitioning to open, software-based networks can dramatically lower capital and operational costs while transforming network functionality and customer experience. However, many providers have shared with us that the complexity of the transition from hardware to software, along with the crucial requirement of independence from vendors, has made it difficult for them to move beyond lab trials and into production environments. This is where open source-based networking technology can help.

Value of Open Source

Open source controllers provide a layer of abstraction to manage and control the network, creating a common, open platform for developers that reduces the existing tight coupling between vendor devices and business services systems. Without this independent abstraction, developing advanced applications that must span multiple devices (for example, algorithmic traffic engineering) becomes nearly impossible, and software updates can break even basic workflow and scripts implemented as hardcode between automation tools and network devices.

Open Software Products

The Lumina SDN Controller powered by OpenDaylight (ODL) provides a common, open platform for developers, giving providers direct control over their SDN development and implementation thus eliminating lock-in. Today, the OpenDaylight Platform is widely deployed, supporting over 1 billion users worldwide. To ensure 100 percent compatibility with OpenDaylight’s code base, Lumina contributes enhancements made to its SDN controller back to the open source community. Lumina packages, tests and qualifies the ODL code for the specific use cases of our customers. Optional controller-based applications enable these use cases, which include SD-Core, Zero-Touch Installation, and Brownfield Adaption.

Network Development (NetDev) Services

Organizations that wish to accelerate the implementation of their open software network and want to expand the skill set of their network engineering and operations team through hands-on experience can utilize Lumina NetDev Services. Our NetDev Services team works with customers to jointly develop production systems using Agile methods to prototype and speed through proof-of- concept and pilot phases. Lumina NetDev Services build solutions using open source, Lumina and competitive products. Together with customers we turn into reality the deployment of SDN, NFV, automation, disaggregated networking, DevOps, NetOps and more. And the best part is that our methodologies enable the engaging customer teams to become self-sufficient in developing and managing their new open source platforms.

The Catalyst

At Lumina Networks, we have a clear strategy to disrupt the networking industry status quo with open source and agile deployment. Does this kind of an approach to open software networking challenge conventions in how to develop technology and how service providers and vendors work together? Yes. But we believe it’s the right way to move forward. And our customers seem to agree. By developing open source platforms and enabling innovation and transformation through NetDev Services, Lumina is your catalyst to open software networks.