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Case Study

netElastic - Telpin Case Study
Telpin Chooses netElastic vBNG to Begin Network Transformation – Case Study

Find out how netElastic has helped Telpin lower costs by more than 70% over legacy, hardware-based solutions.

  • High-performance virtual router running on white-box servers
  • Improved scalability and performance at significantly lower costs
  • Support for up to 128,000 subscribers per vBNG
  • Throughput up to 300 Gbps on a single server
  • Dynamic adjustment to the network based on rapidly changing demands
  • Ability to scale up and down to meet performance needs and run in different hosts to take advantage of CPU cores
  • Pay as you Grow licensing model

“netElastic’s next-generation vBNG has brought us greater scalability and flexibility, which has enabled us to provide an even better customer experience” – Martin Pagano, Telpin

Case Study

netElastic - Harbour ISP case study
Harbour ISP Fuels Rapid Growth with netElastic Virtual BNG – Case Study

Find out how netElastic vBNG supports three times as many users per vBNG as Harbour ISP’s legacy routers and gives a four-fold increase in throughput.

  • Supports up to 128k subscribers per vBNG
  • Throughput up to 160 Gbps on a single server and up to 400 Gbps in a multi-node or cluster configuration
  • Offers interface redundancy and high aggregate throughput
  • Eliminates vendor lock-in and increases flexibility
  • Affordable, high availability solution

“netElastic’s pay as you grow licensing model helps reduce our risk in entering new markets and allows us to start small and stay profitable” – Tom Bishop, Harbour ISP Infrastructure Manager

Data Sheet

netElastic vBNG data sheet
Virtual Broadband Network Gateway (vBNG) Subscriber Management for the Software-Defined Era – Data Sheet

netElastic vBNG is a high performance and cost-effective broadband network gateway that enables service providers to deliver network services faster and scale more efficiently.

Discover how it’s deployed, what it does, feature support, performance and specifications, plus its features and benefits, including:

  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Robust subscriber management capability
  • Comprehensive protocol support
  • High performance and throughput
  • Carrier grade solution
  • Traffic management
  • Simple administration and management
  • Reducing operating costs
  • Monitoring and reporting

White Paper

netElastic Next Generation Virtual BNGs
Is Your Broadband Network Ready? How To Meet Accelerating Demand For Bandwidth – White Paper

In this white paper, we look at how you can prepare for the “exabyte onslaught”:

  • The evolving Telecom market
  • The BNG problem
    • Hardware based BNGs
    • Software based BNGs
  • Solving scalability: A new approach to vBNGs
  • How netElastic delivers
  • Getting started

White Paper

Intel and netElastic - Technical White Paper
Technical White Paper on Implementing a High-Performance vBNG on Intel’s NFVI Packet Forwarding Platform

Highlights of this this white paper include:

  • Implementation of vBNG on Intel’s NFVI Forwarding Platform
  • vBNG achieving near line-rate per 25Gbps interface
  • Total system performance achieving 300Gbps on 1RU server
  • Technical evaluation and benchmarking of solution and large capacity use-case

Solution Brief

Intel and netElastic Scale vBNG
Intel and netElastic Scale vBNG for Ultra Broadband Video Services – Enabling carriers to meet accelerating demand for video – Solution Brief

In this solution brief you will learn:

  • How demand for video is impacting telecom networks
  • Limitations with current hardware and first-generation vBNGs
  • Second generation vBNG for ultra broadband video
  • Benefits of Intel and netElastic high-performance vBNG 2.0