NoviFlow – founded in 2012 and with offices in Sunnyvale, Montreal, and Seattle – is the world’s leading provider of SDN Network Operating Systems and solutions for programmable match-action data planes, with a focus on SDN, Cybersecurity and DCi.

MBUZZ Europe has been a NoviFlow partner for Europe since February 2017.

NoviFlow is a leading vendor of Cybersecurity Load Balancer, High-Performance SDN Network Operating Software (NOS), and Programmable Network Solutions for network operators, data centers and government agencies seeking greater performance, flexibility, cost-efficiency, and security over their networks. Our network solutions work directly in concert with your applications and with the systems that control, optimize and secure your company’s business operations. We free you from vendor lock-in and give you the ability to easily and quickly evolve and scale your network as your business grows.

Forwarding Plane Solutions - NoviWare

The NoviWare™ Network Operating System is the networking industry’s highest performance implementation of SDN, featuring Open, programmable match-action pipelines optimized for high performance switching chipsets such as the Mellanox NP-4 and NP-5 and Barefoot’s 6.5 Tbps Tofino chip. Architected from the ground up to be a reliable, scalable platform for OpenFlow, gRPC, and P4-Runtime, NoviWare offers the industry’s most complete implementation of the OpenFlow 1.3/1.4/1.5 standard as well as a smooth upgrade path to the next generation of PISA architecture based SDN applications and solutions.

NoviWare is ideal for use in switches, WAN IP/MPLS routers, network appliances and other high-bandwidth forwarding planes. NoviWare has been deployed around the world in NoviFlow’s NoviSwitch™ products. It is also offered via software license to OEM and ODM switching platform suppliers. And NoviWare is available for use in production networks in equipment running the Mellanox NP-5 and the Barefoot Tofino, and is also supported on the X86 platforms for use in network application development and testing. By supporting Open Standards, NoviWare frees customers from vendor lock-in, and enables to choose best-of-breed solutions for their networks instead of restricting them to vertically integrated silos.

One of NoviWare’s greatest competitive advantages is that it follows a software development cycle, resulting in up to three major software upgrades per year. And thus offers long in-service lifetimes for devices using NoviWare. It also means that the capabilities of NoviWare can be quickly and easily extended to meet evolving customer needs.

OpenFlow OpenConfig GRPC
NoviFlow's flexible architecture
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NoviWare FlowShaper – Traffic Managment H-QoS Feature

An optional add-on to NoviWare, FlowShaper leverages Traffic Management and Hierarchical Quality-of-Service (H-QoS) capabilities of the same network processors already deployed around the world in chassis-based edge routers.

Find out more about FlowShaper capabilities and benefits. Read the Data Sheet.

SDN Switch Solutions - NoviSwitch

NoviFlow NoviWare NOS delivers true programmability on two OpenFlow network switches

NoviFlow delivers the fastest fully programmable forwarding plane solutions in the market, with up to 6.5 Tbps of genuine wire-speed performance. Our switches are specifically designed for deployment in carrier networks and data centers looking to improve the cost/performance, security, scalability and flexibility of networks. Applications include Cyber-security, vBNG, Data Center Inter-Connect, In-Line Packet-Brokering, Monitoring and Telemetry, NFV, EPC, Cloud, and Hyperscale Networking.

NoviSwitches leverage the NoviWare™ Network Operating System to deliver maximum programmable pipeline capability in a compact form factor with the most complete implementation of OpenFlow v1.3/1.4/1.5 available today as well as key open interfaces including gRPC, SNMP, CLI, and P4-Runtime. The system is provided in a stand-alone, self-contained, rack-mountable enclosure box that can be configured to support a wide variety of networking applications to deliver unmatched performance levels.

At the heart of the NoviSwitch 2000 series is the Mellanox EZchip NP-5 processor, offering throughput of up to 400 Gbps, massive tables with up to 1 million flow rules in TCAM for wildcard matches and up to 6 million flow rules in DRAM for exact-matches, full support of the industry’ leading H-QoS feature, the same Traffic Management engine found in high-end vendor line cards costing ten times as much!

NoviFlow also offers the NoviWare NOS for the Barefoot Tofino switching chip, with a massive throughput of up to 6.5 Tbps for even the largest network deployments, and featuring the game-changing Tofino telemetry capability with both In-band Network Telemetry (INT) and digest (Postcards) telemetry options! See the NoviWare page for supported Tofino-based white-box hardware.

Learn more about NoviSwitch: Programmable Switches For The Largest And Most Traffic-Intensive Network Deployments.
NoviSwitch Architecture
Security Load Balancer Solutions - CyberMapper

NoviFlow’s CyberMapper is a high-performance SDN application that implements a powerful Security Load Balancer Solution that accelerates and dynamically scales cybersecurity services and virtualized network functions into the Terabit scale. CyberMapper achieves unprecedented performance, flexibility, and scale by leveraging the power of programmable match-action pipelines, white-box hardware, and open standard interfaces such as OpenFlow, gRPC and P4-runtime.

CyberMapper enables NoviWare™ compatible switches (such as NoviFlow’s NoviSwitches and select white-box switches running the powerful Intel/Barefoot Tofino) to deliver load balancing, packet brokering, and telemetry directly in the network fabric in a simple, scalable, compact form factor, and at a fraction of the price of conventional load balancing solutions.

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Learn more about CyberMapper. Read the data sheet.

Security Load Balancer Solutions - CGNMapper

CGNMapper is a new product in NoviFlow’s DSC (Domain Specific Controller) portfolio that provides a powerful and economical solution for scaling Carrier Grade NAT tool farms to the ever-increasing throughput demanded by today’s internet traffic. It incorporates a packet processing pipeline architecture optimized specifically to enable multi-Terabit scaling of CG-NAT traffic utilizing commercial CGNAT tool farms.

CGNMapper delivers  a unique SDN-based solution to the CGN scaling problem. Within the Tool Farm each CGN device is assigned specific public IP address blocks that it can use for the CPE private IP to public IP mapping. This dictates that when a specific CPE flow hits a specific CGN device that all future packets for that flow from that CPE have to hit the exact same device. It also means that packets that are part of that flow returning from the Internet (with a NATed public IP address) have to return to the exact same CGN device. The Scaling Services in CGNMapper lock this privateIP/publicIP/device relationship while scaling the huge traffic flow from a large CPE environment across a CGN Tool Farm.

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