The prolific growth in complex and distributed interactions between people, applications and data, on and off premise, on mobile devices and in the cloud, is leading to a massive rise in volume and types of traffic on our networks.

Network security or Cybersecurity – such as Firewall, deep packet inspection and intrusion prevention (also known as Deep Inspection Defense; DID) – presents challenges on every front and managing security on open networks is no exception. Should security be built into the architecture, delivered as a service or should it be delivered as an example of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)?

Regardless of how it’s delivered, security has to be delivered within an environment that is more scalable, more efficient and more secure than ever before.

Innovative Open Networking solutions are already enabling change and driving network transformation.

MBUZZ Europe is a single point of contact for your Open Networking solutions. Our partnerships with the best-in-class vendors from around the globe, will help you maximize Return on Investment (ROI), simplify and safeguard your infrastructure, whilst minimising time to success.