What is SDN?

When searching for a definition of software-defined networking (SDN), you’ll soon realise that there is no single, established, definition of SDN. Most SDN vendors will have their own definition which naturally reflects their solution’s position in the SDN market.

However, the key thing to remember about SDN is that it is an architectural approach for a thoroughly modern network. One which is being driven by a step change in the demands on the network – the effect of virtualization, cloud, 5G, mobility and IoT…

SDN’s goal is to create networks that are agile and flexible. To improve network control by enabling service providers, operators, education, R&D, data centers and enterprises to respond quickly to changing business requirements. To move away from traditional network architecture which is no longer suitable, affordable or delivering in our everything’s-connected world.

Unlike traditional networks, SDN architecture is dynamic, manageable, cost-effective and adaptable.

Innovative Open Networking solutions are already enabling change and driving network transformation.

For those whose aim is to move beyond mere cost savings from SDN, and to progress towards true network transformation, such an architecture offers huge benefits. It allows you to take back control, reduces your dependence on traditional vendors, provides more flexibility to program the network and enables more automation of service provisioning and functions.

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