What is vBNG?

A vBNG is a software-based solution which was specifically designed to increase network scalability while also lowering costs. You’ll soon realize that vBNG meets perfectly with SND’s goals by enabling Broadband Providers to respond quickly to changing business requirements.

The need for an agile and flexible network is becoming more urgent since the Covid-19 pandemic but even after this the bandwidth demand is more likely to remain high thanks to the stay-at-home economy, the proliferation of connected devices, and the increased demand for video and gaming.

So many reasons for Broadband Providers to invest in their networks, and more specifically to invest in virtual or software based BNGs.

Unlike traditional BNGs which are difficult to scale, result in high costs and minimal flexibility, netElastic vBNG provides flexibility, scalability, and agility. Behind those words, you’ll find solutions and guarantee that your networks can support increases in new subscribers and network traffic. But also, it means that you no longer have to worry about replacing outdated equipment or the high costs of installing and configuring hardware appliances. But rather shifting with a software-based network can be done quickly and cost effectively.

Innovative Open Networking solutions are already enabling change and driving network transformation.

MBUZZ Europe is a single point of contact for your Open Networking solutions. Our partnerships with the best-in-class vendors from around the globe, will help you maximize Return on Investment (ROI), simplify and safeguard your infrastructure, whilst minimising time to success.